Was Pokemon Relic Castle Taken Down for a Secret Reason? Here’s What We Know

Is the Relic Castle website closed? What’s Pokemon Relic Castle? Scroll down and find everything.

Over the years, fans of Pokemon discuss on various platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Quora and Discord. These forums have been the best platforms for Pokemon players to discuss their ideas and strategies regarding gameplay,  mission guides, new events and Pokemon. Apart from these, a popular site has been the best forum for Pokemon players and it’s the Relic Castle.

Relic Castle is a website where players discuss fan-made Pokemon games and even share links to these games. There have been hundreds of fan-made Pokemon games over a decade. Hard-core Pokemon users used to share their creation on the site. Relic Castle has been taken down all of a sudden and this has been disastrous news for all Pokemon fans.

What’s surprising is the Pokemon relic castle site has been closed without any warning or notifications. Pokemon fans are upset all over the world and express their thoughts on social media. Since 2014, Relic Castle has been the best website for Pokemon users and the sudden ban has been a shocker. Here’s all the reasons for the shutdown of Pokemon Relic Castle.

Pokemon Relic Castle Closed – What’s the Reason?

Pokemon Relic Castle

Relic Castle has been shut down. The team of Relic Castle confirmed the same on their X handle with a message “Relic Castle website has been taken down following a DMCA Notice”. They further confirmed that the site was a non-profit, ad-free and tight-knit community. The Relic Castle site has been closed after a default with over 20,000 members and 65,000 posts.

Though the site is closed, Relic Castle will always be available on Discord and it’s been confirmed from their post. There’s been no update on who’s behind the DMCA Notice and other legal issues. In Relic Castle, players were able to download more than 100 fan-made Pokemon games through third-party website links, apps and apks. The site will remain closed as per the latest updates.

When Will Relic Castle Return?

The Relic Castle website has just been shut down. The owners haven’t shared updates on the return date or arrival of the site on their post. Relic Castle will be closed for a long time and players will not be able to access the site until an update comes.

Can You Use Relic Castle Website With VPN?

No, even with VPN, you will not be able to open the Relic Castle site. But the owners have confirmed that fans can access the Relic Castle page with the Wayback Machine, a digital archive, through URL and links. This is the only way for Pokemon fans to explore the Relic Castle page.


What’s Relic Castle Return Re-release Date?

Pokemon Relic Castle has been temporarily closed due to DMCA violation. As of now, there’s no update on the site’s return date.

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