Pokemon Unite vs Pokemon Go – Which is the best among Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite? Do both games have common features? Scroll down and find out everything.

In the video game universe, the Pokemon franchise has been the most successful over the years. Pokemon games have been a money spinner with engaging content, unique features and fan-favorite Pokemon. In the Pokemon universe, there are plenty of games that captured the hearts of fans. Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite are two successful games that are available for mobile platforms.

Some fans like Pokemon Go and some like Pokemon Unite. Fans of both games have been arguing over the years. Both Pokemon games have solid content and brilliant technical features. But the gameplay features, mechanics and game modes are different. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite vs Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Unite vs Pokemon Go – Everything You Need to Know 

A game’s success is based on its features and gameplay mechanics. Some like Pokemon Go and some like Pokemon Unite. Many fans like both games as well. Here’s everything available in Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite,


Pokemon Go is available for Android and iOS. The game is also free-to-play. Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game and it’s available for Android iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The only difference is that Pokemon Unite is launched for Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Go is not available for PC or other consoles. The reach of these games may change the trend in the future and both games will launch for other platforms as well.


  • Pokemon Go is an Augmented reality and location-based game. Here, you have to turn on GPS and walk everywhere to catch Pokemon. As you cover more distance, you will catch more Pokemon in the wild. 
  • Pokemon Unite is a MOBA and real-time strategy game. You have to utilize skills and battle items with strategy to win battles before the timer ends

Game Modes

  • In Pokemon Unite, there are ranked, standard and custom battles. You will be able to unlock ranked battles at trainer level 6. You can choose different stadiums and lanes. There’s also a practice area to train with your Pokemon
  • Pokemon Go has gym battles, PvP raids and go battle leagues. You can go solo and join with other trainers for these battles. You can use moves, berries and Pokeballs to catch a Pokemon and shiny Pokemon as well


  • Evolution is available in both games. You have to use Sun Stone and Candy to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. To complete evolution in Pokemon Unite, you have to increase trainer levels and defeat wild Pokemon

Battle Items & Moves 

  • In Pokemon Go, you can use moves in go battle leagues. Items like Daily Adventure Incense and Eggs can be used to defeat trainers and increase XP
  • Battle items, held items, unite moves and movesets are the primary battle items in Pokemon Unite

These are the main differences in Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite. You can trade gifts and Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, you can use a buddy Pokemon to explore the wild.

The debate of Pokemon Unite vs Pokemon Go has been going on for a long time. Both games have different features, content and game modes. In Pokemon Unite, you can explore the ranked mode and showcase your skills against top-ranked players in the world. Pokemon Go offers the best PvP raids and gym battles. 

How to get Pokemon Unite Battle Items?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

Is Pokemon Go Free-to-play?

Yes, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play AR and RPG adventure for Android and iOS. In this colorful Pokemon game, you will play as a trainer and explore locations in the wild and real-world to catch different types of Pokemon to your party.

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