Avalanche Pokemon move is one of the best moves you can use in the battles. But which pokemon should you use with it? We are here with the complete Avalanche move guide.

The Ice-type move Avalanche, which was added in Generation IV, is a very useful tool for any Pokemon Trainer. Learning how to use Avalanche well can help you a lot in battle, whether you’re playing the main series games or Pokemon GO. To make the most of this move and win battles, let’s look at the best strategies.


Why is Avalanche a Game-Changer?

You can only use Avalanche if you have already been hit by the target in the same turn. This makes it one of a kind among Ice-type moves. Because of this, it’s a great move for counterattacking and striking opponents who are brave enough to attack first. To use Avalanche successfully, you need to understand how this feature works.

Which Pokemon Should Wield Avalanche?

Not all Pokemon are created equal when it comes to using Avalanche. Here are some top contenders that excel with this move:

Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Mamoswine
Pokemon Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Mamoswine, with its Ground/Ice typing, is a beast with Avalanche. Pairing its high attack stats with Mud-Slap and Avalanche creates a devastating combo that can take down a variety of foes. Its Shadow variant increases its damage output even further, making it one of the best choices for utilizing Avalanche.

Shadow Weavile

Shadow Weavile
Shadow Weavile

Pokemon Shadow Weavile’s Dark/Ice typing and high speed make it a formidable opponent. Using Snarl to quickly generate energy, it can unleash Avalanche to deliver heavy damage, especially against Dragon, Flying, and Ground types.


Pokemon Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur, with Dragon Breath and Avalanche, offers a unique combination of Dragon and Ice-type attacks. This setup allows it to counter a wide range of opponents, particularly those weak to Ice moves like Dragon and Grass types.

How Effective is Avalanche Against Different Types?

Knowing your matchups is crucial in Pokemon battles. Here’s how Avalanche fares against various types:

  • Super Effective (1.6x damage): Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon
  • Not Very Effective (0.6x damage): Steel, Fire, Water, Ice

Using Avalanche against types it’s strong against can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Be cautious when facing Steel, Fire, Water, and other Ice types, as Avalanche will deal reduced damage.

Strategies for Main Series Games

Timing is Everything

Avalanche’s unique mechanic, doubling its power if the user is hit first, means timing is crucial. Use it on a bulky Pokemon that can take a hit and retaliate with double the force. Pokemon with high defense and HP stats are ideal candidates.

Synergy with Abilities and Moves

Combining Avalanche with abilities like Sturdy or moves like Protect can create devastating setups. For example, use Protect to ensure your Pokemon takes a hit first, then retaliate with a powered-up Avalanche.

Mastering Avalanche in Pokemon GO

Avalanche Pokemon move
Avalanche Pokemon move

Gym and Raid Battles

In Gym and Raid battles, Avalanche costs 50 energy and deals 90 damage, making it an efficient choice for quick and powerful strikes. Using Pokemon like Shadow Mamoswine and Shadow Weavile, which can quickly generate energy, allows for frequent use of Avalanche, maximizing your damage output.

GO Battle League

In the GO Battle League, where strategy and quick thinking are key, Avalanche’s 45 energy cost and 90 damage make it a valuable move. Use fast energy-generating moves to unleash Avalanche quickly and catch your opponent off guard.

Pro Tips for Using Avalanche Pokemon Move

Predict Opponent’s Moves

Anticipating your opponent’s moves and timing Avalanche correctly can lead to massive damage. Use Pokemon with high defensive stats to absorb hits and retaliate with double-powered Avalanche.

Coverage Moves

Pair Avalanche with moves that cover its weaknesses. For example, pairing it with a strong Ground or Rock-type move can help deal with Steel and Fire types that resist Ice moves.

Build a Balanced Team

Incorporate Pokemon with Avalanche into a well-rounded team. Ensure you have coverage for different types and roles, such as tanks, sweepers, and support Pokemon.

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