7 Difficult Pokemon Nuzlocke Rules to Spice Up Your Gameplay

What’s a Pokemon nuzlocke challenge? What are the most difficult nuzlocke mode rules in Pokemon games? Find out everything.

In Pokemon games, there are many challenges, raids and boss battles. To win these, players use moves, Pokemon and battle items. Apart from main in-game challenges, the nuzlocke challenge is something unique that players have always loved. The nuzlocke challenge is played to test one’s skills and experience.

The Pokemon nuzlocke challenge has several rules and if you fail to follow them, then the challenge has to restart again. Players take part in the nuzlocke challenge to enhance their experience. Nuzlocke challenge has self-imposed rules and you have to follow every single rule to win this. Here are some challenging nuzlocke rules that you need to understand.

7 Difficult Pokemon Nuzlocke Rules 

Pokemon nuzlocke rules

You can win Pokemon games by deploying the best strategies. The nuzlocke challenge is a great strategy that lets you master the game’s most difficult and hard level challenges.

  1. A Pokemon that faints will be released. The other option is to catch these units in a box. Once a Pokemon faints, it will not be available for rest of the playthrough
  2. In nuzlocke challenge, you have to give a nickname to all Pokemon that you catch in the wild or other areas. This helps you to increase friendship levels and emotional bonds. If you don’t nickname a Pokemon, then the nuzlocke challenge will be failed
  3. You have to follow rules and protocols once the nuzlocke challenge starts. Hacks, mods or other cheating devices are not allowed
  4. In a region, you can only catch the first wild Pokemon. Once you fail to catch the first one, you have to move to the next zone as the nuzlocke challenge doesn’t allow catching the next Pokemon. The same rules will be applicable in areas where Pokemon gyms are located
  5. Battle items are restricted for nuzlocke challenge. This can be a real challenge to catch Pokemon in the wild. But you can master perfect throws and use curveballs to catch a Pokémon. Using battle items leads to elimination in nuzlocke
  6. Pokeballs are limited in nuzlocke challenge and you can’t use Master Balls as well
  7. The most difficult rule in the nuzlocke challenge is you will not be able to use legendary or higher level Pokemon. The only way is to use a normal Pokemon and there’s no restriction for CP. Shadow, Pseudo Legendary and Mega evolutions are not allowed as well.


These are the difficult rules when you play the nuzlocke challenge. The nuzlocke challenges can be played on all Pokemon games. You can use a Pokemon with higher stats and play the game that you are familiar with.

That’s everything you need to know about the most difficult Pokemon nuzlocke challenge rules. 


Can anyone play Nuzlocke Challenge?

Yes, Pokemon players can take up the nuzlocke mode as it’s a self-imposed challenge. You have to follow rules and play this challenge.

Can you Play Nuzlocke in all Pokemon GameS?

Yes, you can play Nuzlocke Challenge in all Pokemon games. The rules also stay the same for every game.

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